Roundup: Travel Snacks

Roundup: Travel Snacks

Are you going away for March break with your family? If so, you’ll want some healthy snacks to tote on your travels with you. After all, have you seen some of the snacks in the airport? When was that sandwich actually made anyway? Plus, if you have a kid like me, you’ll plan on getting a banana or apple at that little coffee place just by the gate and that will be the day your kid (s) are off apples and bananas. “I don’t like a bananas,” is what I get. “Oh, really? Since when? Yesterday you had three. Freak.” Then we end up with the fat-laden, sugar-soaked muffin from hell which I also end up having part of. It’s why I’ve learned to pack a great snack I know Scarlett can’t refuse. I usually try to make something we haven’t had in some time. This way I’m somewhat guaranteed it will go down. I also package it nicely–nestled next to a few of her favourite dark chocolate covered spelt pretzels. Hey! Who out there said, “Bribe!”? Quiet.

If you’re staying close to home, then it’s not a bad idea to whip up some treats for your travels to the movie theatre, the museum, a playmate, whatever you have planned. Besides, cooking projects with the kids are a nice time-consuming activity that generally yields food. (There was that one time Scarlett unloaded an entire container of salt into one dish but we don’t speak of that day.)  The worst thing that happens is you end up with a freezer or airtight container worth of stuff to eat the following week when you’re thrown back into the fire. However, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Vacation hasn’t even started yet and we’re already worried about it ending. Just take time to enjoy and, maybe, bring one of these snacks along for the ride…


Grape Salsa along side some crackers or baked chips this snack is as satisfying as a bowl full of salsa and corn chips. (I saw that Ceri. Don’t roll your eyes, you tortilla chip addict.)

Carrot and Zucchini Spice Muffins can’t be all bad with two veggies in them. Ok, the glaze is bad. Forget the glaze.

Wholegrain Blueberry Muffin is your classic snack ready to go or stay.

Rice Crispy Bars with Blueberries is your homemade version of a childhood favourite with the bonus of blueberries.

Apple Oat Bar mixes two of my favourite things, most kids love apples and oats too. It’s like breakfast in a bar.

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  1. Andrea Murdoch
    February 10, 14:57 Reply

    Love your site and every recipe I’ve tried has pretty much been a hit but your search function is terrible. Can never find specific recipes when I’m looking for them even if I put the exact title in. Frustrating!

    • Laura Keogh
      February 10, 22:06 Reply

      Hi Andrea. Thank you for your note. And, on behalf of Ceri and myself, we totally agree. Our search engine drives us totally crazy too. We promise it’s at the top of our priority list of what to improve on the site. Please accept our apologies. We know your time is precious, and it would be so much better to get what you are looking for in a flash. We appreciate you hanging in there with us until we can fix the situation. A loyal reader, like yourself, is important to us. Best, Laura and Ceri

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