Lunch box Special: Salad-on-a-Stick

Lunch box Special: Salad-on-a-Stick

Have I mentioned I’m freaking out about having to pack lunches? I have, haven’t I? The upside is that it’s forced me into research mode and I’ll be posting more ideas for lunches as they occur to me and I can test them out. I’m pulling this idea out of our birthday magazine. Salads-on-Sticks are great for parties but they’re also ideal for any packed lunch, whether you’re on a late summer picnic or need to fill a lunch box. I’m giving you three combos below, but you could really use anything that will stay on a stick. Most grocery stores sell wooden skewers of varying lengths – go for a smaller one. You can always trim them with kitchen scissors if they’re still too big to fit in your food containers. Everything looks cuter on a stick and hey, maybe this will increase the odds that lunch gets eaten at school. That happens, right? Kids always eat the lunch you pack for them? Don’t burst my bubble… 

photos by Maya Visnyei

Caprese on a Stick

12 cherry tomatoes
8 baby boccancini
12 – 16 small-ish fresh basil leaves

Chef on a Stick

4 pieces of thinly sliced turkey, cut in half and then folded in half

8 cherry tomatoes
8 1×1 inch cubes cheddar cheese
½ avocado, cut into 2 inch chunks

Waldorf on a Stick

½ Granny Smith apple, cored and cut into 2 inch slices
1 – 2 leaves of romaine lettuce, cut into 2 inch strips
1 stick celery, cut into 2 inch slices
8 – 10 seedless red grapes


Alternate ingredients on your wooden skewers. Just be sure you put a good firm item on the ends. For instance, the cheese chunks are good as a last item on your Chef on a Stick to keep the folded slice of turkey from unfolding.

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  1. Coll
    September 02, 15:14 Reply
    Great idea, but how realistic is this to pack in a lunch?. The Apples and Avocado would turn brown by lunch and threw off any kid....
  2. Gail Shapiro
    September 06, 08:17 Reply
    I was going to say the same thing as the last comment posted. The fruit and some veggies just won't last until lunchtime. Lemon juice won't help either. But a nice idea for the weekends or with food that will look great at school lunch time.

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