The New and Improved Sweet Potato Chronicles

The New and Improved Sweet Potato Chronicles

After six months, lots of coffee, sleepless nights, a million edits and one too many late night snacks, we are so proud to introduce to you our new and improved (and gorgeous, isn’t it gorgeous?!) Sweet Potato Chronicles. Whether you’ve been visiting us regularly or it has been awhile since we’ve chatted, you’ll notice we’ve made it easier for you to find nutritious recipes, fool-proof meal-time strategies, the perfect pantry and lots, lots, lots more. We have hundreds of recipes that have been tested by our panel of picky eaters–and some not so picky–so you know you’re getting the best for your family.

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Also be sure to check out our video section (and subscribe to our youtube channel) featuring our Lunch Ninja series devoted to school lunch inspiration. Starting in late August, we’ll be inundating the site with many more so you’re covered for Back to School. Also, be on the look out for our new series Family Food Fix where we’ll be helping one family at a time tackle their meal time challenges including getting dinner on the table, picky eaters, breakfasts that get you out the door and much more. We’ll also be debuting a series called Cooking with Kids to help you get your little lovelies involved in the kitchen. We know it can be a challenge, but the lifelong health benefits are proven, so we want to help you give your children this important (and fun!) experience. And, if you haven’t had enough of us yet, we’ll be regularly sharing the Behind the Scenes of our photo shoots, television appearances, and even our own family meals. Plus we have a few more exciting things we can’t talk about just yet! (Don’t you hate it when people do that?!)

If you can squirrel away some free time, take a cruise through the site because you won’t be disappointed! Although it is still a work in-progress so please pardon any hiccups we may have along the way the next few weeks. As always, we’ll be bringing you new recipes on a regular basis to keep you inspired. Please let us know what you think and feel free to talk about it with friends. Actually, if you like it, share it with everyone you know. And on behalf of us both, thank you from the very bottom of our hearts for all the support you’ve given us, this site and our book How to Feed a Family. This journey as mothers is only made better by the shared experience of this wonderful network we’ve created. We look forward to all your comments (the good and the bad) and thank you for making us your hub for healthy, easy family food and, of course, a whole lot of humour.

p.s. The angel from heaven who created our new site is Heli Prajapati. She couldn’t have known when we met for a coffee in February that we would take over her life (and need to email her in the middle of the night for help uploading videos and other cool things like that) but she never once responded with anything less than sunshine, humour and a speedy answer. If you need design work on your site, business cards, promotional materials, Heli is your girl.

Happy cooking, Ceri and  Laura







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