Batch Cooking (aka Karine’s Imaginary Fairy Godmother)

Batch Cooking (aka Karine’s Imaginary Fairy Godmother)

When I wrote my “Hello SPC!” post a few weeks ago, I mentioned that I have four kids ranging in age from nine to 14. Their list of activities and extracurriculars — well, let’s just say that every August and December when the new fridge calendars come out, I look for the biggest one I can find. But at certain times of the year (this month being one of them), I find their schedules particularly chaotic, and our goal of eating dinner together as a family becomes nearly impossible. Honestly, if they eat something that didn’t come from a drive-thru, I mentally high-five myself.

Of course, I have learned a few tricks along the way to make sure no one has to completely fend for themselves.  For one, I am a ferocious meal planner. I have every breakfast, lunch and dinner entered into my phone so I know exactly what we are eating every day. Last year, Laura and Ceri’s video on meal planning inspired me to get really organized. But sometimes even that isn’t enough. Meetings run late, traffic is brutal, life happens, etc., and you need a back up plan to your meal plan. Enter trick number two: batch cooking.

I like to think of batch cooking as having my own fairy godmother who waves her magic wand and there’s a ready-to-eat-just-reheat dinner at my fingertips. (One that didn’t come from a store-bought box in my freezer, which may or may not be known to occasionally happen at my house, too.) Laura and Ceri have the best tips and tricks in this video to remind you of the sanity-saving benefits of spending a little time on the weekend making an extra meal and why falling in love with your slow cooker can change your life. They also explain what the “halfway homemade meal” is, something that has lately become my specialty.

P.S. Trick number three is breakfast for dinner. And, as some of you may have guessed, trick number four and five are drive-thrus and frozen pizzas…! #momtruth


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