Karine’s “Wacko” Story About Bacon, Books, Movies and More

Karine’s “Wacko” Story About Bacon, Books, Movies and More

“Remember when you were a kid and you woke up on a Sunday and could just stay in bed all day and read? I wish I was having one of those days.”

That was my tweet from yesterday. While I wouldn’t trade anything for my present life, oh, how I miss those lazy, winter weekends when my sisters and I would stay in our pajamas, curl up on the couch under blankets and bury ourselves in novels by our favourite authors: Everyone from Beverley Cleary and Judy Bloom to Paula Danziger and V.C. Andrews (on that last one, what the heck were we thinking?). One of my all-time favourites was The Rise and Fall of a Teenage Wacko by Mary Anderson. It was published in August 1983 which means I was 12 years old when I read it. My memory is terrible so the plot is a bit of a blur now but what I remember most was how much I wanted to be just like 16 year old Laura, who went to New York City by herself, wore a big floppy hat, was obsessed with Woody Allen and cooked onions, apples and bacon to make her apartment smell like home. (I did actually move to New York, currently own a lovely collection of hats, enjoy most Woody Allen flicks and have been known to use home fragrances, albeit not meat-scented ones.)

I told my 11yo son Wyatt about “Laura” yesterday (while I was not leisurely lying in bed reading but rather making bacon to go along with mini egg bakes for my family of six before the happy chaos of the day commenced) and his response was, “Bacon makes everything better. Eggs…sandwiches…salads. Just look at Kevin Bacon movies!”

So, in honour of book, bacon and movie lovers everywhere, I put together a little round-up of SPC’s recipes that call for bacon.

Side Note: SPC is really about healthy meals for your family and I don’t want anyone to think I am suggesting you serve bacon all the time. And, for those who don’t eat meat like me, let’s chat about your favourite books from when you were a child!

  • Apple Cheese and Bacon Frittata

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