• Snow Day!?

Snow Day!?

Usually, I like to wake up earlier than my four kids so I can have a leisurely cup of tea in peace before the chaos begins. But this morning, when my alarm went off at 6:45am and I opened one eye, I caught a glimpse of the snow falling outside of our bedroom window (and already piled high on the trees) and immediately reached for my phone to check our school’s website. Sure enough, posted in big, bold letters was my kids’ favourite news: Buses are cancelled! Family Day Weekend just got a little longer here. Add in last week’s ridiculously frigid temperatures, and we are all getting a little bit of cabin fever. (OK, it’s really just me.) What are we going to do on another day at home?

My mind quickly turned to food: Well, actually, my thought process went a little more like this: “Snow…cold…winter…over it…need something hot…soup!”

It took my kids a long time to warm up to soup. (Insert image of my goofy smile here!) I am a HUGE fan, and thought it was the perfect way for them to get eat their vegetables when they were younger. Unfortunately, they didn’t agree and I just kind of gave up on the whole thing. Fast forward to about a year ago when a new Asian restaurant opened in town: That’s when chicken udon soup changed our lives forever. After that came Miso soup (50% gave thumbs up) and hot and sour soup (75%). Asian flavours are still their favourite, but at least they are more willing to experiment.

So, it’s Grilled Duck and Rice Noodle Soup for us tonight. (Truth: I have all the ingredients already except for duck and I don’t want to go to the grocery store in this weather, so chicken will have to do.)

Not feeling the noodle soup? I picked some other options I know my kids would love…but not as much as me!



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