Karine’s Top Five Reasons to Love Tacos

Karine’s Top Five Reasons to Love Tacos

After spending at least half an hour in the kitchen preparing a healthy meal for your precious little ones, is there anything more disappointing than hearing, “Were having that?” (Of course, there’s also the “bad manners” component of this statement, but let’s ignore that now.)

With four kids, there are few dinners that please everyone. Usually my goal is to have at least one thing that each person likes. Let’s take chicken parmesan for example: Milla, Wyatt and Beckett love it; Theo not so much. So I make sure one of the sides is his favourite vegetable (corn on the cob, which, even at age 11, he asks for it to be cut off the cob). My theory is, if I get three out of four thumbs up, I’ve done a pretty great job.

But I have one guaranteed home run meal and that’s tacos, which is why they have been given their own day: Tuesday = Taco Night at the Ewart household! (Not very original, I know, but why mess with a good thing?)

Here are the top 5 reasons why I love tacos:

  1. Regardless of your kid’s age, it works. I started Taco Tuesdays when Beckett was one, Wyatt and Theo were two and a half, and Milla was five. Milla could build her own hard shell version, I could make a soft wrap for Wyatt and Theo and roll it up in a napkin, and Beckett could have a “deconstructed” taco. (It would have ended up that way, anyway.)
  2. It’s the ideal meal for picky eaters because you can cater the toppings for individual tastes. (Tip: Another great family dinner that falls into this build-your-own category is pizzas.)
  3. You can easily sneak extra vegetables into it. This works particularly well if you choose ground meat as your main ingredient — tiny diced or puréed carrots, peppers, sweet potato or even broccoli or cauliflower can barely be detected by even the most skeptical eaters.
  4. Its a great meal to get the kids involved in the prep: Older ones can grate cheese and cut veggies, younger ones can spoon toppings like sour cream, salsa and guacamole into bowls.
  5. You can mix up the main ingredient so each week, it’s like an entirely different meal. I have come up with a monthly rotating schedule: ground meat, steak, chicken, shrimp/fish. If there’s an extra week in the month, I add pulled pork.

Oh! I just thought of one more reason, but it screws up my “Top 5” thing so I am going to include it here as a “Bonus:” It’s so easy to make a double batch for either lunches the next day or freeze it for a quick and easy future Taco Night.

Ahhhhhhhh! I just thought of one more: It doesn’t matter what season it is: Fresh and light fish tacos in the summer, or hearty beef tacos in the winter.

OK, I am going to stop now. I am sure I could think of at least 1o more reasons why I love tacos (like how it works for meat-lovers and vegetarians — see what I did there?) but seriously we all need to get some work done.

So, without further ado, here are some of my favourite SPC taco recipes to get you inspired regardless of what season it is or what day of the week you choose to serve them! xo

P.S. Ceri included a taco recipe in the weekly meal plan.

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  • Halibut Tacos with Strawberry Salsa


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