Anyone Else Want Some Comfort Food?

Anyone Else Want Some Comfort Food?

On a recent, busier than usual Saturday afternoon I told my youngest son, Beckett, we needed to head home and just “veg out.” He said, “I don’t really feel like vegetables right now. Could I have fruit instead?” After getting over the shock that he is almost 10 years old and had never heard the expression before, I explained what it actually meant, and he agreed it was a good idea. We found his siblings, got a big bowl of popcorn, curled up under a blanket on the couch together and turned on Netflix.

Now, I am really not one to complain, and am a firm believer in the power of positive energy to bring as much light and happiness into my household of six, however everyone seems a little more stressed out than usual right now, including me. I don’t know if it’s the April showers, hockey tryouts, dance competitions or just me being extra-sensitive to the mood swings of four teen and preteen kids, but the relaxation we felt during March Break is long gone.

There are the usual solutions: I already confessed to the aforementioned vegging out, I know there isn’t enough sleep happening for any of us, more fresh air and vitamin D are badly needed and we are discussing limiting screen time (again).

But I am going to turn to my never-fail secret weapon, and at my house, that means yummy, nurturing, healthy, delicious “don’t worry my little monsters it’s all going to be okay” comfort food.

I am not talking over-indulging with heaping bowls of potato chips or tubs of ice cream (though, if that’s what you’re needing right now, let me know, I’ll be right over). No, I’m not a fan of teaching my kids to turn to junk food to make themselves feel better but I am a fan of homemade dinners — ooey-gooey grilled cheesehomemade mac and cheese, pancakes dripping with syrup, mini meatloaves or juicy chicken burgers — with the lights turned low, classical music playing in the background and all of us sitting at a table together, making the world stop for just a moment so we can all catch our breaths.

And if all else fails, they can eat cake. Little cupcakes to ensure we aren’t using chocolate to solve our problems, of course, but made with love from me so they know I’ve got their backs. Always.


  • Lemon Thyme Chicken Burgers

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