How To Make Frozen TV Dinners

How To Make Frozen TV Dinners

Anyone else tempted to buy the individually portioned dinners from the freezer section of your grocery store? Heck, I am a girl who was raised in the 1970’s and fondly remember the excitement of getting out the portable trays and having a frozen dinner in front of the TV. But truth be told: Milla has informed me that one of her dancer friends brings a homemade frozen meal to class almost every night and I usually send her with some cheese, crackers, yogurt and a granola bar and then she eats dinner at home at about 10pm. So, not cool. Apparently it’s time for me to step it up! So I researched what makes a good frozen, individual-sized freezable dinner and learned the following:

  • Soups and stews freeze really well. (So do homemade pizzas.)
  • When you make a lasagna, taco meat or stirfry, freeze a few individual sized servings for the future.
  • Use medium-sized freezer bags and lie them flat in your freezer to save space.
  • Date and label your meals before you freeze them. (Use a three month expiration date as a general rule of thumb.)
  • Slightly under cook pasta and rice if that is the main ingredient to your dinner.
  • Remember fried and breaded foods don’t freeze well.
  • Add a little extra sauce or oil to your frozen meal to ensure it isn’t dry when reheated.
  • Your frozen component can be put into a lunch bag to keep the rest of the meal cool. Remember to include utensils and any condiments needed.

Then I combed the SPC archives and found these recipes that I think will do the trick. Please let me know if you have other tips for freezing leftovers — this is a new adventure for me! (And I now have a new obsession with finding vintage TV trays…!) xo


  • Chickpea and Spinach Stew


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