How to Feed a Family

This is the part of the site when we should tell you about our fancy (read: best selling) How to Feed a Family The Sweet Potato Chronicles Cookbook. So, of course, we want to tell you it’s wildly helpful with over 100 easy-to-follow, fail-safe and healthy recipes. It also has beautiful images and strategies that will guarantee your meal-time successes--No more 6pm dinner panics, unfinished plates by picky eaters and unused groceries. Instead, we’ll help you meal plan, deliver dishes everyone can enjoy and offer easy solutions to get the kids involved in the kitchen so they can build a wholesome, lifelong relationship with food. It’s sounds insurmountable but it’s not. So don’t worry, tonight’s dinner can be tomorrow’s lunch, and there will always be another chapter in the never-ending story of how to feed a family. Eat Healthy, Live Happy, Stay Sane. Buy now!


"How to Feed a Family cookbook by Toronto’s Ceri Marsh and Laura Keogh offers nutritious, tasty recipes. Moms behind Sweet Potato Chronicles website say there’s no need to make separate meals for kids. Read More..."

Colin McConnell, Toronto Star


"Fashion editors are not generally known for love affairs with great food. So how did Ceri Marsh & Laura Keogh, the former editor-in-chief and beauty director, respectively, of Fashion magazine, end up writing How to Feed a Family: The Sweet Potato Chronicles Cookbook, a sunny new book full of approachable recipes & pretty pictures? Read more..."

Bonny Reichert, The Globe & Mail


"If you have ever stood in the supermarket wondering what to make your family for dinner, the new book How to Feed a Family by Laura Keogh and Ceri Marsh (Appetite by Random House), is for you. When these two savvy fashion magazine editors became mothers, they started looking for easy, healthful recipes, nutrition advice and parenting information. But when they couldn’t find what they needed easily, they assembled all their research and recipes and launched a website called the to share their efforts with other frustrated parents. And what happened next? How to Feed a Family, with straightforward recipes, nutritional information and common sense strategies that will become your how-to when it comes to family meals. Read More..."

Bonnie Stern, The National Post


"I ordered this book just after it was released and have tried quite a few of the recipes. My favorites are the kale, red pepper cheese calzones, Cocoa Date bars (LOVE that these have no added sugar!) and the Wagamama cookies - I like to sub coconut sugar for the brown sugar and raisins for the nuts! This book is full of nutritious, easy ideas for getting meals to the table and proves that healthier eating doesn't have to be boring or bland! The side notes are informative and the recipe intro's are often amusing. Photos are beautiful as well! Almost every recipe has a colour photo to go along with it! My only complaint is that I would have liked to see more side dishes as well as nutritional information."

Melissa, Reader,


"I love this cookbook! Every recipe I have tried has received a verdict of "yum!" from my 4-year-old, and delicious for my husband and I as well. Very happy to have some new ideas to expand our repertoire beyond cheese pizza and cheesy noodles! Thanks Ceri & Laura! You've made mealtime much more enjoyable in our home."

Paula, Reader,


"Not only is this a fabulous cook book with simple straight forward recipes to make with the family for the family, it is gorgeous! I keep mine on our coffee table for display. The pictures are lovely and colourful. It is also enjoyable to read. Both Ceri Marsh and Laura Keogh have a great sense of humour that is expressed through their writing. I never thought a cookbook could be so much fun!"

Alexandra Murphy, Reader,