I live with an addict. Her name is Esme and her poison is sugar. “Mum, was I good today?” she’ll ask. If tell her she’s been good then she takes a shot: “Then I’d like a chocolate treat!” Obviously she got the idea of treats as rewards from somewhere… I don’t, maybe one of the kids at daycare?

At snack time today I put off the request for cookies by suggesting we make “milkshakes” together. Really it’s a smoothie but milkshake sounds more treaty to her and that works for me. It’s something we can make together and that killed about twenty minutes on a chilly, indoor day.  I’m not going to write out a recipe because basically whatever you’ve got hanging around the kitchen will do. Here’s what we used:

A half a banana.

Then we added some plain probiotic yogurt. You could use any yogurt, really, I just wanted to be able to give a bit of this to the baby so I wanted to use something without sugar. We probably used about half a cup or so.

Then we tossed in some frozen blueberries. This is the key to the fake milkshake icy texture. You could use fresh fruit but use frozen if you want that ice-creaminess.

I added a bit of orange juice to thin it out. I used pineapple juice the last time we made smoothies and it was really good, too.

A quick blitz with the hand blender and voila. If you were making a few servings of this it might be better to do it in the big blender. As you can see, it was a hit!

And baby Julian liked having a taste, too. I was thinking that we could use this recipe to make tasty “creamcicles” in the summer.

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  1. Meredyth Young
    March 26, 20:17 Reply

    Yummy! I make them every morning and throw in some "witches brew", my boys word for hemp protien, but my guys are old and they can't be fooled anymore so I make them drink them and the boys admit, they are delicious, even with the "brew", but it's a good way of getting some protien into them before school, especially since one won't eat eggs. Frozen fruit is under rated I think. And by the way…I love that cup Esme's holding!! And OMG, Julien is adorable!!

  2. Ceri
    March 26, 23:41 Reply

    Ooh, good idea Mer! I could throw in some ground flax or flax oil. Yes, that's the cup you brought back from Japan! The polka dots are starting to fade but they're as cute as ever. And yes, Julian – or The Stomach as we're calling him, is pretty cute if I do say so myself. Do your boys cook?

  3. Meredyth Young
    March 27, 18:43 Reply

    Conchobor's friend is the son of Chef Anthony Walsh (Canoe)and he's gotten very foodie on us. He is starting to cook, but like a good mom, I instilled in him the dangers of the stovetop and he's rather afraid to boil water. Ciaran does not cook and shows no interest in it at all.
    Sorry, I spelt Julian wrong, so I'm just going to call him The Stomach too, or Mr.Adorable.

  4. Sara
    February 08, 18:26 Reply

    My son loves YOPS but when I noticed how much sugar is in them, well, that’s when I realized why he loves them. So I make a similar smoothie to yours but with yoghurt, frozen fruit, flax oil, coconut water (awesome, no taste in the smoothie and as much potassium as a banana) and sweeten it up with a bit of agave nectar. Pour it in an empty YOP bottle….and watch it go down! VIctory.

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