No More Broken Plates

No More Broken Plates

Look at that face. That is, so clearly, not the face of a boy who will sit nicely and be fed. No waiting like a chump for the spoon to be lifted to his mouth for Julian. Right from the start of eating solids (a ridiculous four months old), he’s been more of a DIY guy. I used to try popping spoonfuls of puree into his mouth in the small breaks when he wasn’t jamming food in their with his little fists. But even that is getting hard now. He sees the spoon coming and grabs it, fully loaded, and wants to do it himself. Sometimes the spoonful makes it to his mouth, sometimes yogurt ends up in his eyebrows. That’s just how he rolls. He also grabs at the bowl of food which I have been trying to keep out his reach and catches the lip of it often enough that I need to cover myself in tea towels before meals. As you can see, it’s all a bit ridiculous. We’ve had to re-institute something I started with Esme called The Topless Lunch. I just can’t keep going through the Tide Stick at this rate.
Enter the geniuses at Tommee Tippee. A popular British brand that’s just come to Canada, they specialize in well designed and safe feeding systems for babies and toddlers. And they make some products with my boy in mind. You throw down the Explora Easi-Mat ($6.99) on the tray of your high chair. It has a suction cup that you press one of their bowls ($4.99 for a pack of four) into. It holds like glue, I tell you. So now I can put some food in his bowl, give him a spoon (they make amazing heat sensing spoons that change colour if dinner is too hot) and let him go to town. There’s still a mess at the end of it but we are breaking fewer plates.

I’m also loving their travel bowl ($4.99). It’s the same as the weaning bowl but comes with a lid and the smartest little compartment to snap a spoon into. It’s great for the park or taking to play dates. All the products from this line are dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe and BPA free.

There are lots of other cool things in the line storage containers and a really thoughtfully designed line of bottles. It’s all available exclusively at Babies R Us ( You can read more about the line at

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  1. laura
    September 15, 00:56 Reply

    Best picture ever, I love that boy!

    November 18, 10:51 Reply

    Please,send the list of Plates,cups and spoons to me

  3. Ceri Marsh
    November 22, 11:02 Reply

    Not sure what you’re looking for. If you go to you’ll see everything that’s carried in Canada. It’s a great line!
    Let me know if you need anything else.

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