A Quick Bite With Deb Goldblatt

A Quick Bite With Deb Goldblatt

In 2000, Deb Goldblatt launched a Rock-it Promotions, a lifestyle and entertainment PR firm. 11 years later, she is one of the most sought-after publicists in the city, showcasing an impressive and varied client list. When Deb’s not making TV appearances or orchestrating the madness surrounding the Toronto International Film Festival with impressive ease, she’s hanging out in her west end Toronto hood with her 2 year old daughter Mila and filmmaker husband (and former Green Power Ranger) Matt Austin. We sat down to talk bagels, chili on standby and avoiding the dreaded “kid’s food.”

Q: What’s your earliest food memory?

A: My dad would always get fresh bagels from Bagel World on Saturday mornings. The smell of them, paired with coffee brewing woke me up every weekend. I would eat them while they were still warm and doughy with butter and marmalade.

Q: What was your favourite food as a child?

A: I loved my mom’s Sheppard’s Pie. She always made it with a side of corn. Still one my favourite comfort foods. I also remember being really young and rolling meatballs with her and then throwing them in a big pot to cook. They were slightly sweet and small. I lost my mom 10 years ago, but my sister still makes them for special family get togethers. They remain as delicious as ever.

Q: Is there a food you loathed as a child and have since learned to enjoy? Or maybe you still can’t stand it? Tell us—what is it?

A: I don’t remember being a fussy eater and to this day pretty much eat everything. I suppose vegetables weren’t my top choice and now I love broccoli, brussel sprouts and anything green. I also enjoy spicy food. Not anything too, too hot, but I do throw hot sauce on my omelets, sandwiches and love a good dose of wasabi with my sushi.

Q: What’s your default, throw-together-and-wow-everyone meal?

A: I’m an embarrassingly terrible cook, and my husband is the polar opposite. Our standby for last minute guests is chili with truffled sour cream, guacamole, tortilla chips and shredded cheese in little mix matched bowls so people can add their own fixings. I think he could win a competition with his chili. It’s outstanding.

Q: What’s the one meal you would love to cook but fear it’s too complicated?

A: I burn rice, so my goal for 2011 is to be more competent in the kitchen. If I could learn one thing, I’d love to be able to make a really good turkey with stuffing. Right now, Urban Fare (at Bathurst and St Clair) is my go-to for healthy, prepared fish, salads, soups and much more.

Q: What’s your favourite thing to cook or bake with someone else?

A: I love to bake fresh chocolate chip cookies. Simple desserts are my favourite.

Q: What do you love most about cooking?

A: I love the smells it brings into the house. I love feeding people.

Q: What’s your favourite food memory with your children?

A: My daughter just turned two, so my favourite thing so far is watching her experience new tastes. We really try to expose her to as much as possible and stay away from ‘kid’s foods’. Right now, her favourite foods are spinach, dumplings (chinese, japanese, etc) and smoked fish from the Wychwood Market. I hope she remains open to experimenting and we pass on our love and passion for food to her.

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