A Quick Bite With…Sarah Hamel

A Quick Bite With…Sarah Hamel

Toronto Westender Sarah Hamel keeps up with her various ventures—jewelry designer and owner (of not one but two Queen Street West bauble huts called ‘Made You Look Studio and Gallery‘  and ‘Made you Look Accessories‘) and mother to Simon—with relative ease and a inspiring story to boot. She runs an unofficial daycare in the basement of Made You Look called Made You Look After, providing childcare for self-employed artists. The designers rotate, each taking turns and keeping watch over the babes. Sarah also offers the Made You Look Entrepreneur Award to a graduating George Brown College student who has showcased entrepreneurial drive and business potential. The award serves as a shot in the arm for the recent grad, including a marketing plan and use of bench at Made You Look. Sarah chatted with us about her lifelong love of cheesy toast, her aversion to chili and baking with her son, Simon.

SPC: What’s your earliest food memory?
SH: Waking up before my parents and pouring myself a bowl of Cheerios.

SPC: What was your favourite food as a child?
SH: “Cheesy Toast” – cheese on top of bread, melted in the oven.

SPC: How did you learn to cook?
SH: By trial and error, as an adult.

SPC: What’s your biggest challenge when feeding your son?
SH: Teaching him how to have an open mind.

SPC: Was there a food you hated as a child but have learned to love? Or maybe you still can’t stand it?
SH: I used to hate squash, but now I love it. The only food I still can’t stand is chilli. I will eat any other food before chilli.

SPC: Do you still make any of your family’s recipes?
SH: Yes, the family recipe that I still make is Cheesy Toast.

SPC: Do you like to cook with other peo ple or do you pre fer to be alone in the kitchen?
SH: I like both. I can totally get into doing my own thing. But I love talking and chopping and enjoying a fine creation together.

SPC: Salty or sweet?
SH: Salty – hands down.

SPC: Do you cook with your son?
SH: Yes, baked goods mainly. Also, he loves using the juicer… who doesn’t? There is just so much satisfaction with that machine! Oddly enough he likes washing dishes. So we do that together also.

SPC: What’s your default, impress-your-guests dish?
SH: Chicken Curry Dinner. Add raita, garlic naan, raisons and nuts, and it’s a winner every time.

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