Sponsored Post: Beauty From the Outside In (for a change) and a special offer for SPC Readers

Sponsored Post: Beauty From the Outside In (for a change) and a special offer for SPC Readers

What’s that old saying again? Oh, right. You can take the beauty editor out of the magazine, but you can’t take the beauty editor out of the girl.

As the former beauty gal of FASHION Magazine, as well as a beauty professional for, like, forever, I have a hard time not banging on about what I love in the beauty world. Not that I don’t love talking about raspberries (a hot raspberry lip is fully in this season, fyi), I also can’t help myself when it comes to staying in touch with, you know, my previous life. In fact, most of my friends can’t help themselves either. They still solicit beauty advice from me. Does that product really work?

What should I use on my aging, acne-prone skin? What the heck do I do about my hair? These are all the battle cries of my new-life friends.

The “What the heck do I do about my hair?” is a common conundrum. After all, if you can’t leave home with a full face of makeup or an outfit not stained with some kind of random food item, then at least good hair will make us feel great. We all know the psychological kick in the bum of a bad hair day. If a lack of styling time wasn’t enough to fuss about, you may also be like me and finding more and more greys. (I blame the stress of potty training.)  I haven’t done a full Angela Lansbury yet but having my husband yank them from my head is no longer enough.

If you find yourself in my predicament, then you might try one of the product lines from Clairol’s Natural Instincts collection.  The new permanent Vibrant formula offers a 10-minute subtle to dramatic colour change with complete grey coverage, while the demi-permanent Natural Instincts line enhances your natural hue and blends hair that’s up to 50% grey. It’s also ammonia-free and lasts up to 28 shampoos.

You may not have asked me for my beauty expertise (unlike some friends who shall remain nameless) but I’ve got some for you that will make you feel great every time you leave the house. Go to Clairol’s Facebook page, “like” it, and then check back on May 13-15 (2011) for your chance to get a full-value coupon for the Natural Instincts hair colour product that is right for you.  They are giving away 75,000 coupons in all, so tell your friends, too.

While supplies last, up to 25,000 boxes per day. Limit one per household or name.  Applicable to all Canadian residents, excluding residents of Quebec. Must be 18 years and older.

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