A Quick Bite With Joanna Track

A Quick Bite With Joanna Track

If you’ve become spoiled by the daily style, beauty, decor and parenting missives SweetSpot delivers to your inbox, you’ve got Joanna Track to blame. And if you’re already spending on the fantastic new shopping site Dealuxe, that’s on Joanna, too. What can she do, she knows what women want! In all seriousness, if you haven’t checked out Dealuxe yet, you must. If ever there was a great that needs great online shopping that ships to your door, it’s mothers.

Although a woman who has spent the last ten years changing the Canadian digital landscape might be expected to be a hard core workaholic (well, she did launch Dealuxe within months of finishing up her part in the deal that sold SweetSpot to Rogers when I would have been napping) Joanna’s someone who walks the walk when it comes to that coveted thing called work/life balance.  And she’s got a few good reasons for making time for time in the kitchen: 2 year old son,Teddy and and step-sons Carter, 13 and Max, 12. We were so glad when she made time for a chat with us about the joys of cooking with toddlers and pulling it all together on a Wednesday night.

SPC: How did you learn to cook?
JT: Reading lots of books, watching shows and sneaking in a few cooking lessons.

SPC: Do you still cook any family recipes?
JT: Yes, my Mom has the greatest Chicken chili recipe. It’s healthy, hearty and delicious!

SPC: How has becoming a mother change the way you cook?
JT: I have become more cognizant of using wholesome ingredients, yet finding quick and easy ways to make it kid-friendly and delicious.

SPC: When did you realized you had issues with gluten?
JT: I was someone who always struggled with digestive issues, ever since I was young. When I was in my mid-30s and trying to get pregnant, a doctor friend suggested that I eliminate gluten (hypothesizing that I may have had Celiac disease). It turns out I don’t but for the first time my issues  went away and I realized I had a gluten intolerance.

SPC: Does your son have any food sensitivities?
JT: Teddy is allergic to all nuts except almonds.

SPC: Do you cook with your son?
JT: I try! But Teddy is much more interested in making a mess than making food.

SPC: What do you wish he’d eat that he turns his nose up at?
JT: Milk! Very surprising for a small child but he has no interest in drinking milk.

SPC: How do you deal with pickiness?
JT: So far Teddy is not very picky, so I’m lucky. I think the trick is to have them try foods when they are very small, before they know the difference.

SPC: What do you cook on a busy weekday evening?
JT: Stir fry – we throw in whatever veggies we have in the house, plus some chicken then noodles or quinoa. A family favourite!

SPC: Are you a recipe follower or do you make it up as you go along?
JT: I’m definitely a recipe follower. I aspire to be more laissez faire but I still consider myself a novice.

SPC: What do you like about cooking and food?
JT: I like knowing what’s in the food me and my family eat and being able to have it exactly how I want it.

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