Sponsored Post: Support Canadian Food Banks and Join The Kraft Hunger Challenge

Sponsored Post: Support Canadian Food Banks and Join The Kraft Hunger Challenge

Something changed in me when I had Scarlett. Before her birth, I was definitely one of those people who cried at lame commercials about babies being born or people getting married. I also couldn’t stand to watch an animal hurt or in danger during a movie. Obviously, starving children wandering desolate landscapes was right up there for me in terms of setting off the waterworks. However, once I had Scarlett my sensitivity dial was turned up, way up. I could no longer tolerate the thought of a child not being able to access basic needs like clean water, proper clothing and healthy nutrition. Not to mention, an endless reservoir of unconditional love. I guess I just became a part of that wonderful breed known as mothers.

As a mother, one of my biggest priorities has been to provide healthy food to my daughter to help her growing body.  It’s indescribably sad to me that there are mothers out there, in our neighborhoods all across this country, who wake up every day and fret about being able to meet this basic measure. Can you imagine what it would be like to worry about your child’s next meal? Will she have it? How will I get it? Yet these are the questions far too many Canadian parents have to ask themselves. I can’t fathom looking into the eyes on my hungry daughter’s face and not be able to satiate her. But the unfortunate reality is that of the 900,000 Canadians that rely on food banks, 51 % of them are families with children and 38% are children and youth. In contrast, 11% are couples without children. In other words, a vast majority of the Canadians who are relying on food banks are families or children. Unfortunately, these have been growing numbers. This increase has taken its toll on food banks causing 50% of them to serve less food. These are troubling stats that tweak my sensitivity dial.

If these numbers make your heart ache too, then you can help SPC make a difference. From May 31 to June 10, donations made to food banks participating in the Kraft Hunger Challenge will be matched dollar for dollar by Kraft Canada up to $200,000.  You can obtain more information on hunger in Canada or donate much needed funds online at  www.foodbankscanada.ca.

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