Soup Roundup

Soup Roundup

Laura and I always joke that we could actually start a pancake blog. We’ve created so many posts celebrating the many, many variations that are possible with our beloved breakfast dish. I would have thought pancakes would win in a most-posts contests. But now I think soup would kick pancake’s ass.

There’s something so satisfying about soup. And not just eating it. Making it. You feel like you’re doing good, you know? Yet soups are among the easiest recipes – get everything into a pot and let is simmer. Get some garnish together, a little grilled cheese chaser… you’re golden. Plus, they’re easiest meals to sneak some extra veggies into. Add some pureed carrot or spinach into the pot and who is the wiser?

Here are five of our favourites. And we’ve got at least five more, so expect another soup roundup soon!

Butternut Squash and Apple Soup. Make this soup when you want your house to smell amazing. Oh, and when you feel like a delicious, easy soup.

Chicken Noodle Soup. A classic for a reason. Why not make a batch to freeze for when you need a little Jewish penicillin?

Beans & Greens Soup. A hearty, meal of a soup, this is almost a stew. Or should we say Stoup? Anyway, it’s a delicious way to more greens into your kids. The little grilled cheese topper helps sell it!

Tomato Cheddar Soup. A delicious twist on an old-school favourite, it’s a soup and a sandwich in one!

Easy Mushroom Soup. A dead easy soup to make, this mushroom soup is earthy perfection on a chilly fall day.

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  1. Martha
    October 27, 08:42 Reply

    Yes, soup! I’m all about soup right now, and am going to make all of these, one after the other. Thank you!

  2. Deepika
    October 27, 09:21 Reply

    Thanks – these look great! I usually make soup once a week – but have been looking for a variation – mine just involves red, black lentils, garlic, a potato, some salt, and peppper, pasta, spinach, and brocolli thrown in – cant wait to try out your recipes!

  3. Ceri Marsh
    October 27, 11:00 Reply

    Miss, wish I was in your kitchen while you were making those soups! Let me know how they work out for you.

    And Deepika, I love the sound of your soup. I confess I’ve never heard of black lentils, though. Are they hard to find?

  4. jacq
    October 27, 15:10 Reply

    Well, since you asked…I cannot resist sharing my recent triumph: Leftover Soup. I have started keeping a bag of near bad veggies in the freezer. This time, the bag included cast-off onion, carrot, green pepper, kale, extra hydrated moog beans and…oh 2 tomatoes and i’m not sure what else? I sweat the onions and celery, then added 2 cups of veggie broth, plus 1 of water, 2 bay leaves and a light shake of pepper flakes, s&p and presto! Leftover Soup. I serve in bowls with bread and Mexican Habanero on the table. The only downside is you can only make it once! God knows what the freezer will yield next time, right?

    I hate wasting food.

    (oh yeah, there was also an apple in there and shredded butternut squash)

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