Roundup: Freezer Stock

Roundup: Freezer Stock

The below post was one of the first I wrote for this site on May 13, 2010. However, it still rings true. I actually do still keep these fresh but frozen foods in my freezer.

My freezer is my favorite part of my kitchen. I love that its steel handle hovers above the floor at just the right height for when Scarlett’s sweet, 7 month old hand needed something to grasp. She used to pull herself up on it and proudly stand in the kitchen with me–beaming from her perfect perch. I love that by 13 months it’s where she’d steady her wobbly self as she struggled to improve on her first steps. I used to stare at her perfect little toes as they dug into the floor, desperate to keep her upright. I called them her “working toes,” and I still can’t believe they fill a size 10 shoe.

Today she skids up to it after dinner and pulls feverishly on the handle, tearing it open to grab a popsicle. This was something she couldn’t do a year ago. She used to throw her whole body backwards trying to break its fierce suction. My freezer allows me to recognize Scarlett’s growth and development, both of which can break my heart or fill me with amazement depending on the day.

It’s also where easy, frozen dinners live in my house and, for that, I friggin love that goddamn freezer. I’d like to be able to tell you that every day of my life resembles this blog–me happily cooking healthy, fresh meals alongside my daughter. But it’s not the reality. Some days dinner pisses me off. It’s always looming. If you’re anything like me, by the end of some days, I can’t even string a proper sentence together. I’m pretty sure one should not be in charge of an oven while in this state of mind. Instead I should be sent straight to bed with an Us Weekly. But, sadly, I’m not. The people in my house need to eat, despite having just done it a few hours earlier at lunch. Luckily, I keep a lion’s share of delicious but healthy (as healthy as the freezer gets) options in the freezer. Below are my three most favorite. I hope they help you in your hour of need.


Whole-Wheat Chicken Quesadillas
(They also offer white flour versions.)
I’m obsessed with these 10-minute cook-time gems. They are so yummy. Two come per package and are made with hormone free chicken from Rowe Farms as well as cheese and spices. I serve them with sour cream (sadly no guacomole as we have an avocado allergy in the house), some cut red peppers and fruit. Then I call it a day. You can also get beef or bean alternatives as well as empanades.
Buy them at: Whole Foods or Rowe Farms
Ricotta and Spinach Gnocchi
This fresh pasta is so fast and easy. I love that it’s ingredient list sounds like I made it from scratch (not one item I don’t recognize as food) and the gnocchi cooks in just two minutes. Pair it with your favorite sauce (mine is Le Conserve dell Nonna) and fresh parmesan cheese, and you’re home free. They also offer a wide variety. I love their pumpkin ravioli.
Buy them at: Whole Foods or
Not your average frozen pizza. It comes out of the oven cheesy and delicious. and what kid turns down pizza, even if it is organic? There are so many kinds (toppings and crusts) that you could eat one for every day of the week. I always try to offer fresh vegetables and fruit alongside.
Buy them at: Stop and Shop, Publix, Whole Foods or Walmart

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  1. Lesa
    May 13, 02:56 Reply

    Dinner pisses me off too! The nights when my husband isn't around to cook it, that is.

    Those Amy's pizzas are the bomb. Need to try that pumpkin ravioli.

    PS I totally remember the story about Scarlett throwing her body backwards to get to the ice cream.

  2. eila / full plate
    February 08, 08:12 Reply

    I have a few more good things you could stock. These are favs around here:

    Rico M Panda’s (get it?) frozen empanadas. Our favorite varieties are the beef one and the corn & cheese one:

    AC LaRocco Frozen Pizzas used to be available at our local market and they’re not anymore, but they were excellent… def try one if they’re avail by you:(

    and here was my round-up of frozen prepared foods, one two or three of which you’ll always find in our freezer:

    enjoy! can’t wait to try the chicken quessadillas you recommended up top…

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