Food Find: You Bar

Food Find: You Bar

You’re going to love this story. I do. I think what I love most about it is that it’s about a special project between a mother and her son. When Ava and Anthony started making custom protein bars tailored to their taste, allergy sensitivities and cravings they fell in love with the snacks. One day they decided they wanted to be able to make these uber healthy and tasty bars available to friends. They thought it would be great if each bar could be designed to what the individual loved, as they had done with their own. So in a tiny, commercial kitchen in Los Angeles they began their business, You Bar. Delivering “fresh, customized nutrition bars” to your home has made them a favourite of celebrities and health enthusiasts. I actually learned about You Bar from my friend Kathy. (You know her as one half of the brilliant SPC team of her and Heidi for the What’s So Great/Bad About columns.) You Bars called the “Laura Bar” were one of my Christmas gifts from Kathy. She designed bars flavoured with all the things I love to snack on: cashew butter, almonds, dates and berries. Today I have a full-on addiction.

The You Bar 10 step process allows you to jam your bar with everything you could ever want in a snack. You begin with the base where you choose between various butters like cashew and almond or dates. Then you can pick up to three proteins, two nuts and seeds (everything from chia to walnuts), two dried fruits and berries, a sweetener (think either agave, brown rice syrup or clover honey) then up to four seasonings (cinnamon and chocolate chips to coffee crystals or sea salt) then you add up to two grains and finally an infusion like fiber or stevia. The last step is to name your bar. I love that the site allows you to you to see a tally of your under construction bar’s nutritional facts, allowing you to tweak it to increase vitamins, fiber and protein or lessen sugar, fat, calories. It’s like spending a weekend slaving away in the kitchen baking healthy snack  that you know your family will love and eat, but not. Genius.

You Bar also offers customized trail mix and shakes. Visit you Each bar, $2.99.

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