Drink Your Vitamins: Smoothie Roundup

Drink Your Vitamins: Smoothie Roundup

Is it me, or does it feel like half of the people you know are on juice detoxes right now? It’s a classic January move, one that I’ve made myself. Over do it in December only to try un-do the damage in the New Year. But I’ve always hated it. Giving up coffee and, well, food, gives me a headache. Being a parent means you’ve got to keep cooking regardless of what you’re not eating. And when you’re creating a food blog it’s a silly form of torture to take a break from solids. However, seeing all those brightly coloured juice bottles clogging my Pinterest feed got me thinking of the great smoothies we’ve featured on SPC over the past couple of years. Even if you’re not going hardcore with a juice fast, there’s always room in your life for a few great smoothies. They’re a great way to work in ingredients your kids may be leary of. Flax or chia, for instance, can be slipped into almost  thing you’re throwing in a blender. I know most people think of smoothies as an easy breakfast but my kids love them as an afternoon treat, too. So, drink up! (And speaking of Pinterest, are you as addicted to it as we are? Come on over and check us out!)


photos by Maya Visnyei

This is one of my favourite smoothies. The Funky Monkey Shake delivers a good dose of protein from the Greek yogurt and almond butter and is a great foil for anything else you want to sneak in there. I’ve flax meal but you could also easily add my other new obsession, chia, and have it go undetected.

Here’s one that our lovely photographer Maya Visnyei starts her day with. It’s vitamin-packed but so juicy and delicious you won’t have to mention that part to your family. This Carrot Orange Smoothie is pure morning goodness.

People say that kale is over but we’re not over it yet! Have your tried it in a smoothie? We love this combo for the way it sweetens up the great green vegetable: Kale and Berry Smoothie.

Try this light and bright morning starter, the Apple Ginger Shake, above.


And last but not least, the freestyle “Milkshake” that I still make most often. It involves looking into the fridge and freezer, seeing what’s what in there, throwing it in the blender and giving it a whiz. Highly technical. And, hello!, look at my girl as a four year old here. Can you believe she just turned six? And yet I haven’t aged a day. Funny. Must be the smoothies.

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