Sweet Stuff: Burger Grilling Basket

Sweet Stuff: Burger Grilling Basket

What’s your favourite summer meal? I love salads, fruit from the farmer’s market, ice cream… but for real, I’d always rather have a burger than almost anything. I know you can have them all year but there’s something extra about a burger off the grill. Except if it’s falling through the grill. Enter my new best friend: the burger grilling basket from Williams-Sonoma (about $20). The non-stick, steel basket keeps your burgers right where you want them – on the grill, not in it. The handle is  nice and long so it’s easy to manage getting on and off the heat. Plus, you can remove the rings and use the basket to grill fish on the barbecue, too (my other through-the-grills-anxiety). How cool is that? There’s still plenty of summer left, people, get out there and make some burgers! Oh, and here are a few burgers we shared with our pals at Today’s Parent


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