Quick Bite with Social Common’s Natalie and Catherine, plus an awesome prize!

Quick Bite with Social Common’s Natalie and Catherine, plus an awesome prize!

Laura and I should have known when Caroline Bishop – one of the coolest, most stylish moms we know – introduced us to Natalie and Catherine of Social Common that it we’d hit it off. These two forces of nature have re-imagined the notion of the “Mom Group” and made it into something informative, cool and, above all, fun. Their Toronto-based group hosts everything from intimate dinners, shopping parties, lectures, cocktail parties and fitness classes. Members get lots of other perks, too, like discounts at lots of cool stores and spas. Of course we were Smitten when Natalie and Catherine put together an amazing night involving 30 hip mamas eating a dinner of recipes from our cook book in November – how cool is that? But what really made us fall in love? Wait until you hear how they handle dinner every night. Genius! Oh, and one lucky Toronto SPC reader is going to win a Social Common membership (value: $100). Like our Facebook page for a chance to win! 



photo by Camilla Pucholt Photography

Natalie, left and Catherine of Social Common

SPC: How did you learn to cook?

N: My best friend’s italian mother and the Food Network
C: I didn’t.

SPC: Do you still make any family recipes?

N: Yes, my mom mastered a few basics and I use them often, her specialty being Pate Chinois, but she made it with such love so it always tastes better when she makes it.
C: Nope.

SPC: Do you get your kids involved in the kitchen?

N: They bake with dad and chop veg with mom.
C: My daughter loves to measure, crack eggs (but I can’t let go of that yet) and bake, and I think it’s a great way to spend quality time together.

SPC: How do you handle pickiness in your family?

N&C: We serve a variety of ingredients and recipes and let the kids know that there is only dish that will be served at each meal, they need to try it, if they love it great, if not hopefully they will enjoy the next meal (or be hungry enough to eat whenever is put in front of them). We do not like to label anyone “picky” we treat them all the same when it comes to mealtime.


(from left to right, Natalie, Tucker, Teddy, Olivia, Taylor, Max and Catherine)

SPC: Tell us about your unique approach to helping each other with family dinners.

N&C: We alternate dinner and each other’s homes. One night Natalie has to come up with a recipe, shop for it and be able to serve it to all 5 of our kids (ages 5,4,3,2 & 2). The next night Catherine hosts everyone. This way we only have to shop of half the groceries, mess & clean the kitchen half the time  and cook and impress half the week! It’s a great way to  take some of the load off and enjoy mealtime with family.

SPC: How did you two meet?

N&C: High school friends!!

SPC: How did you start Social Common? How many women are involved?

N&C: We started Social Common out of a desire we personally had to find a “mom group” that was cool, took place after work hours, without kids and wine! We started with smaller groups of women around a dinner table discussing topics relevant to us as moms but more importantly as women. From there we opened the doors to create events that could host a larger group and we brought in experts to talk to us about our relationships, parenting, sex, life coaching, and even cooking classes! Our database is quickly growing and although we have a membership which offers many great perks, anyone is welcome to attend an event to see what the Social Common community is all about!

SPC: What’s your go-to, busy weeknight dinner?

N&C: We love to do tacos and fajitas so we can add tons of veg and let them assemble themselves.

SPC: What’s your favourite music to have on in the kitchen?

N&C: Anything the kids can dance to!

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