Grocery Giveaway!

Grocery Giveaway!

We’re sad that summer is winding down but it was so jam-packed with fun that we really can’t complain. For us, there were lots of small and big trips, lots of swimming, barbecuing and picnic-ing. We were also lucky to partner with Metro groceries, doing events and cooking demonstrations on tv. We love Metro’s philosophy of offering fresh, local produce. It’s important for us to know where our families’ food comes from and Metro makes that easy.

Did you catch us on CityLine this morning? We whipped up some great make-ahead recipes that are going to save you once school gets rolling. And as a bonus to you, lovely readers, we’re giving away a $250 Metro gift card! Leave a comment and let us know what you’ll be cooking in September and you could win! Follow us on Pinterest for more chances to win.


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  1. Amanda Low
    August 27, 07:47 Reply

    I’ll be cooking up lots of casseroles in September!

  2. Carrie
    August 27, 09:10 Reply

    Canning lots of tomato sauce!!

  3. Ramona
    August 27, 09:11 Reply

    Lots of freezable comfort foods like lasagna and Mac and cheese. Plus I’ll be using my crockpot a lot too.

  4. Sarah
    August 27, 09:16 Reply

    Start of fall = start of pumpkin! Pumpkin muffins, cookies, pasta Yummy!

  5. Lindsay
    August 27, 09:18 Reply

    Some lovely butternut squash soup or pumpkin pie…or both!

  6. Lori
    August 27, 09:29 Reply

    Lots of superfood-laden recipes! Veggie soups, and sauces, frittatas, slowcooked meats, healthy pancakes, waffles and muffins. Batch cooking to make lunch and dinner time easier!

  7. Nancy Rowe
    August 27, 09:39 Reply

    I’ll be cooking up some of your muffin recipes for the freezer to get ready for school lunches!!

  8. Andrea Murdoch
    August 27, 10:08 Reply

    I’ll be cooking up some of my favourite SPC recipes: sweet potato graham muffins, SPC’s Mac & Cheese and Chili Chicken Tacos. Yum!

  9. Leah
    August 27, 10:44 Reply

    I’ll be using my slow cooker for weekly meals and freezer ready options. Also canning tomatoes for pasta sauce to last the winter!

  10. Jeannie
    August 27, 11:03 Reply

    I will be making a lot salads, zucchini bread/cake, and pastas using the fresh vegetables grown from my garden!! I will also be stocking my freezer with muffins made from SPC recipes!!

  11. Karen
    August 27, 12:48 Reply

    I’ll be making butternut squash soup and casseroles with the abundance of fresh fall produce.

  12. Rachel
    August 27, 16:56 Reply

    Soups and stews by the pot-ful!

  13. Angela
    August 27, 18:05 Reply

    I love fall cooking! I’ll be making roast chicken with root vegetables and lots of baking with my favorite fall ingredient -freshly picked apples!!

  14. Jannet
    August 27, 18:17 Reply

    Chicken chow mein, and slow-cooker chili! Mmmmmm

  15. sunshine h
    August 27, 23:18 Reply

    Lots of slow cooker meals, and fall root vegetables.

  16. Nicole
    August 28, 01:12 Reply

    I love the sound of the butternut squash and pear soup you made so that’s on my list to make soon.

  17. Alana
    August 28, 10:06 Reply

    A relatively quick to make and comforting favourite my family enjoys – baked chicken meat loaf with veggies “hidden” inside!

  18. Anne
    August 28, 11:31 Reply

    We just canned peaches and will be doing tomatoes and pears in September – which means lots of roasted tomato soup. I also love all things pumpkin, so I am looking forward to lots of savoury and sweet pumpkin treats!

  19. Sandra
    August 28, 16:20 Reply

    Casserols for dinners and lunches. And soups!

  20. Stephanie
    August 29, 03:36 Reply

    I will start making soup again, plus lots of muffins and granola bars for back to school.

  21. Julie Dyer
    August 29, 11:02 Reply

    I’m going to try your butternut squash and pear soup and make batch after batch of pumpkin muffins. We love ’em!

  22. Katherine Smith
    August 30, 14:50 Reply

    we just bought a new dutch oven so lots of roasts, stews & ragu’s are coming our way for fall

  23. Amanda Lee
    August 30, 17:24 Reply

    Home-made Granola bars, apple crumble and roasted parsnips (from the Farmer’s market).

  24. Amanda Lee
    August 30, 17:25 Reply

    Making home-made Granola bars, apple crumble and roasted parsnips (from the Farmer’s market).

  25. Nina S
    August 31, 13:51 Reply

    Several batches of your greek yogourt, ham and cheese muffins. They freeze amazingly and are so tasty!

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