The SPC Breakfast Planner

The SPC Breakfast Planner

From the moment I finish my breakfast, I start thinking about my next morning meal. Ok, you got me, I start worrying about dinner but, once I’ve got that under control, I go right back to thinking about breakfast. Hands down, it’s my favourite meal. So it’s no wonder I always want to get it right. After all, if I don’t have a good breakfast, then my day is off to a rotten start. I’m not sure if my daughter feels the same way (I guess I should ask her) but, like other things, I assume she shares my feelings about the meal. (Obviously, she hates walking into class late too. I did.) Therefore, I try to make sure her breakfast is gives her enough energy for the day and has something that I know makes her happy.

Easier said than done, right? During the week, going beyond the cereal bowl can be as difficult a task as getting a 7 year-old to brush their teeth, I mean really brush them. It’s why we give you our SPC breakfast planner. We’ve got recipes you probably expect like muffins as well as a few you probably don’t (good morning, chia pudding!). We’ve also broken everything down into categories you understand: Grab And Go, 10 Minutes Or Less and While You Sleep. So take what you need to satisfy your family’s idea of the perfect breakfast as well as get you out the door. I, for one, will be making the scones this weekend. After all, we’re trying to get out of the house, on-time, without incident, every single morning too.

Grab and Go (as in get the heck out of the house, now!) – Recipes you prepare ahead of time (weekend baking, anyone?) and keep on-hand for the busy week ahead.

All photos by Maya Visnyei

Muffins 39295












Pumpkin Oat Muffins – The humble muffin receives a shot of beta carotene with the addition of one of fall’s greatest flavours.













Almond Butter Banana Breakfast Cookie – These are full of protein and, besides, who says “no” to a cookie?

Strawberry Scones












Strawberry Lemon Spelt Scones – With fresh strawberries mixed right into these flaky and delicious scones, you can count on a healthy dose of antioxidants and fiber.













Strawberry and Watermelon Creamy Yogurt Pops – Your kids won’t believe their ears when you yell tell them to “grab your popsicle and get your shoes on!”

10 Minutes Or Less – You have time but, let’s be honest, not really. So here are some recipes that deliver on satisfaction and nutrition. Yes you just read that.

Blueberry Parfait












Blueberry Lemon Yogurt Parfait – Mix a little additional flavor into the yogurt, layer on the berries and then go finish your coffee. Yes, you now have time to do that.













Artisnal Toast – These simple toppings make toast the most exciting thing on the plate. We’re fans of the banana version.












Chocolate Almond Granola – This is something you can whip together on the weekend, store in a mason jar and pour into a bowl with some milk come Monday. It’s that simple.












Pancake Taco – My daughter’s all-time favourite breakfast. If you make an extra batch of cakes on the weekend, you’ve got yourself one of the best delivery systems of, well, basically anything, especially Nutella.

While You Sleep

Laura_7Dec2013 42281-2











Blueberry Baked French Toast – I usually use this dish for entertaining since it feeds a group and requires little work. It’s also over-the-top delicious. Since it sets-up overnight, it does lend itself to a mid-week breakfast and will give you plenty of leftovers to heat up in the toaster oven another morning. It requires a bit of baking time so throw it in the oven the second you wake-up and, I promise, you’ll never want to eat cereal again.

Oatmeal 39284











Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich Overnight Oatmeal – One of the most healthful breakfasts recommended by nutritionists, steel cut oats are know to satisfy and keep your blood sugar from spiking. Full of protein, these oats are like a PB&Banana sandwich in a bowl. Plus you can’t beat waking up to the smell of caramelized bananas.

Overnight Oatmeal 54454 1-1












Overnight Refrigerator Oatmeal – We live on this dish. It’s quick, creamy and has a comforting spiced flavour thanks to fresh nutmeg and cinnamon. Plus I love its versatility since you can switch up the milk (almond milk taste great in it too) or add any fruit you enjoy to the top.













Chia Pudding – This dish also falls in the category of “I get to eat a dessert for breakfast?” Full of calcium and fiber thanks to the teeny chia seed, this pudding can also be topped with granola, berries or other seasonal fruit.

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