Win a $500 Shopping Spree at Talbots

Win a $500 Shopping Spree at Talbots

Okay, so usually we’re here sharing new recipes or new videos featuring strategies making meal times a little easier because, well, that’s what we do. And as much as we love all kinds of food, we always try to come back to what will solve a problem for you guys. But you know Laura and I met while working together at a fashion magazine, right? And we’re both still more than a little preoccupied with the world of style. We may not have the time or inclination to watch the runways as closely as we used to but whether we’re doing a morning show segment or just the school run, we want to look good. And we know you do, too.


We recently got to try some new looks from Talbots and if you haven’t looked in the store or on Talbots lately, we think you’ll be surprised. The fits are great and the collection is made up of cute pieces you can wear to work, out to dinner or, yes, the school run. Do you like the outfits Laura and I busted out for this shot? I know that when I left the magazine, my wardrobe was a riddle to me. I had lots of things to wear to the office or to cocktail parties but not a lot of nice but casual things. It was my fashion dilemma. Tell us about your fashion dilemma and we’ll help solve it by giving one of you a $500 shopping spree at Talbots. So, let’s hear it!


photo by Maya Visnyei

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  1. Shals
    October 09, 09:07 Reply

    One of my fashion dilemmas is layering on a jacket or a coat, especially a winter one, without looking totally puffed out and bulky on top. You guys look great!

  2. Cocobear
    October 09, 09:13 Reply

    My fashion dilemma: Fashion tends to come around again. I regret donating a pair of plaid pants, not realizing that plaid is in again. What items from my closet can I donate to simplify my life?

  3. Pants envy
    October 09, 09:14 Reply

    My fashion dilemma is finding pants that fit. I have not bought a pair of regular pants in 7 years because I cannot find ones that fit my relatively smallish waist but generous hips and thighs. So what do I wear, you ask? My signature looks include A-line dressses and cardigans, or yoga pants with a t-shirt. I need help in the pants department. Thanks!

  4. AmandaC
    October 09, 09:55 Reply

    My fashion dilemma is that I always seem to leave the house in sweats. It has become my mindless go-to outfit, and has gotten so bad that I recently went to meet my husband for lunch (in my best sweats!) and I obviously was under-dressed – the waiter sat us behind a bushy plant in a dark corner of the restaurant.
    Please help me get out of my rut and into some stylish comfortable clothes from Talbots.

  5. kristina
    October 09, 10:11 Reply

    I would love this! I work from home so my biggest dilemma is staying out of yoga pants 😉 Really need some outfits that I can wear at the “office”, on school runs and out for casual dinners.

  6. Heather
    October 09, 10:36 Reply

    The biggest fashion dilemma I have is finding casual pants to wear that are mom appropriate, and aren’t jeans or tights. I am almost 40 now, and some of the options out there just don’t seem right anymore (either too young or too old, bordering on the ‘slacks’ my grannie used to wear). I am always on the lookout for affordable, flattering casual pants that are not high maintenance; are comfortable enough to allow me to play with my son, but also that I can also easily wipe off sticky handprints or gooey tears. I am not sure why it is so hard to find these- but it is! The other dilemma I have is to find fashionable shoes that don’t make me dread impromptu adventure walks on a trail or trips to the park with my son. Right now I have sporty slip ons that I keep in the trunk of my car for these occasions, but they usually look ridiculous with my work attire and make me feel frumpy, especially when my pant length is for heels, and these are flats.

  7. Sue
    October 09, 10:47 Reply

    My fashion dilemma is really two-fold: not only am I over 70 and a-very-active-5ft-tall lady, but I am also a missionary educator, spending large tracts of time in a tropical environment where sometimes less is all I feel like wearing! I need breatheable, lightweight fabrics that fit my age, and allow me comfort as well!!!

  8. kristina
    October 09, 10:55 Reply

    I would just love this! I work from home so my biggest dilemma is staying out of yoga pants 😉 Really need some outfits that I can wear at the “office”, on school runs and out for casual dinners.

  9. Shahana
    October 09, 11:13 Reply

    I don’t pay much attention to fashion therefore, I am dressed quite frumpily to the office. We will be moving to a modern office downtown soon so would like to know what is considered business casual. I would like to fit in with the downtown crowd. I also have issues finding nice pants.

  10. Lu
    October 09, 11:13 Reply

    I’m turning 50 soon and while I still feel quite young, I know I’m no longer a teen. Shopping seems to get more and more challenging, especially because I’m on a budget and tend to gravitate toward or want expensive, artfully made clothes. I don’t like the phrase “age appropriate” because everyone is different and no two people are the same, but… finding casual clothes on a budget, that I feel comfortable in and suit me seems to be difficult.

  11. Lorraine
    October 09, 11:18 Reply

    My biggest fashion dilemma is finding the right fit. I have a slim build but am long in the legs and arms. Too tall for petites but too short for tall girl fashions. Finding jeans is no problem, but finding casual pants that don’t gap at the waist or make me look like I am waiting for a flood is a problem. For tops, I often resort to three-quarter length sleeves because I can’t find blouses that are long enough in the arms. I want a smart, casual wardrobe that can take me from the office to a night on the town.

  12. lizzielou
    October 09, 11:35 Reply

    I’m a stay-home mom who wants to look casually fashionable when I make my trips out to the school. I’m walking so stylish boots, shoes, and raincoats with scarves is a biggie for me. Also, I would love to find age-appropriate jeans and tops that I feel comfortable in and yet look stylish and pretty!

  13. SuzanneT
    October 09, 11:42 Reply

    I would absolutely love to win this shopping spree for my Mother! She is always on the go, doing everything and anything for everyone else, it would be so nice to be able to say “Let’s go shopping MOM, its on me!” x0

  14. Katie
    October 09, 13:58 Reply

    My fashion dilemma is that people tend to NOT want to see me in my pyjamas in public….rude! Might be time for a wardrobe update

  15. jemrah
    October 09, 14:40 Reply

    my fashion dilemma is finding clothes that fit me properly, being a tall and larger sized woman… i basically give up

  16. andrea amy
    October 09, 15:26 Reply

    My fashion dilemma is being only 5’2″ and being a size 16-18. Very hard to find clothes that actually FIT. Thanks for the chance.

  17. On the Run Jennifer
    October 09, 19:40 Reply

    I can never find a moment to pull it together! I drop the kids off, go for a run, go to the grocery store, make dinner and suddenly I’m picking up the kids again. They have started to ask, ‘Did you shower today, Mom?’. Help me look good for my kids!

  18. Michelle
    October 10, 10:30 Reply

    My fashion dilemma is post-baby clothing. I have a 2 week old at home, and my closet consists of a mix of maternity clothing, mostly for work, and work clothing that was pre-baby, but a bit on the dressier side that won’t fit for a while yet. It would be great to have some casual, non-workout wear while on leave with my 2-week old and 2-year old daughters during the day, and for before and after school when my 2 oldest children are home too. It would be great to leave the house feeling more put together.

  19. Hilary
    October 10, 14:56 Reply

    Getting ready in the morning is always a huge undertaking. Between packing lunches, putting breakfast on the table and providing cuddles for a two year old that likes to eat honey with his fingers, my biggest fashion dilemma is pulling together an elegant, modern, and ready-for-anything look that is effortless to assemble. In particular I’ve always got my eyes peeled for flattering and tailored jeans that can elevate my look from schlumpy to stylish.

  20. VirginiaGym
    October 11, 16:05 Reply

    I am a gym teacher so want to wear non-sweats on the weekend but still be comfortable!! Also a mom of two young kids…I need help please 🙂

  21. Lynnp
    October 11, 20:15 Reply

    My fashion dilemma is that I often don’t have time to change outfits at the end of my work day before taking the kids to their evening activities. I was recently promoted and have been making an effort to look professional and polished at the office but often feel out of place at the arena.

  22. Karlene
    October 11, 20:17 Reply

    Finding nice sandals that fit. Also finding nice fitting jeans that won’t break the bank.

  23. Ange
    October 13, 12:14 Reply

    My fashion dilemma: I go so long between shopping trips that I might have one or two stylish things, but not enough to put together a complete outfit, so I often either wear the same thing or feel like I have nothing to wear. And when I do get to the mall I’m a bit overwhelmed by all the options that I usually come home with nothing. Maintaining a versatile wardrobe requires some small but consistent investment!

  24. H
    October 14, 03:41 Reply

    Hi, I posted a comment on the weekend, but it has not yet appeared. Is the contest already closed?

  25. Knittinchick
    October 14, 22:30 Reply

    Finding dress pants that look good on me… smallish waist, curvy butt and thighs and short legs. I’m sticking mostly with dresses and don’t want to look schlumpy altho’ I always feel good in dresses, I’d love to add a couple work pants that I feel confident in!

    Oh… and I want to look cute and professional altho’ turning 40 this year!

  26. kathy
    October 21, 17:24 Reply

    I have been in menopause for a number of years and am still have “hot” flashes. I am in dire need of a wardrobe that is light and fashionable at the same time.

  27. KathyC
    October 23, 00:43 Reply

    My fashion dilemma is having several individual pieces that I like, but not much coordinated. I always have the feeling that I have “nothing to wear”, despite having a moderately full closet. (Though-I think I know my solution – other than winning a Talbots GC! – is doing a bit of wardrobe-planning before I go to shop). I just watched your video on meal planning and it has inspired me to implement at home. The same principle can be applied to many elements of life to minimize the CHAOS! Thanks for doing what you do!

  28. Lynne
    November 12, 09:11 Reply

    After having 3 babies in 2 years (yes, you read that right — twins and a singleton), I ended up with a bad diastasis (split of the stomach muscles). Although I’ve worked hard to get it mostly closed, I still have the dreaded “mommy tummy”. None of my pre-kid work clothes fit. I need to wear business clothes (dresses, suits) for my job and need a new wardrobe that will fit my new body without looking frumpy, and that will fit a petite build (short and slender, other than the tummy).

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