• This is a Stick Up! (Just kidding, sort of)

This is a Stick Up! (Just kidding, sort of)

That's me with Milla, Jay, Wyatt, Beckett and Theo.

That’s me with my family: Milla, Jay, Wyatt, Beckett and Theo.

Hello SPC Lovers,

I can’t tell you how happy I am to say that I am hi-jacking laurak24.sg-host.com for a few weeks while Laura and Ceri finish their much-anticipated second cookbook. I am ridiculously excited to be here and tend to gush a little (ok, a lot) so please just go with it.

Before I write anything else I need to ask: You do have their first book, How To Feed a Family, correct? I am a huge fan (see below) and bought 10 copies at their book launch in 2013, and gave them as birthday and hostess gifts…and everyone loved them. (I even got a little guilt trip from my mom because my sisters received copies before she did.)

Karine Life Lesson: If you plan to buy a bunch of cookbooks at a book launch, arrange to have help carrying the books to your car! Or at least wear lower heels than the ones I was wearing that day. You should have seen me walking down the street juggling all those books. When their new book comes out later this year, I will be better prepared. (But will still be wearing pretty shoes of course!) Then again, one could always order online.

For those who don’t know me yet, Ceri, Laura and I met over 15 years ago when we all worked at a fashion magazine together. We kinda just fit together perfectly from the get-go: The tell-tale sign was the way our conversations never ended even once we left the office and how we laughed until we cried on a regular basis. And we haven’t changed a bit.

Except for the fact that we are all moms now. I now have four kids (Milla, 14, Wyatt and Theo, 11, and Beckett, 9). Yep, four, and, as you can imagine, I have spent tonnes of time in the kitchen. (Karine Factoid: I make 20 lunches a week during the school year.) I am the type of cook who likes to follow a recipe and introduce my family to new things but I do not claim to be an expert chef, which is one of many reasons why I love SPC: I can always find something delicious and I never have to stress about whether or not I can actually make it.

One last thing: While I am here, I am hoping to gather a little intel for Ceri and Laura: Please let me know what you think. What do you love about SPC? What could we be doing that would really make you happy? Do you want to see more videos? Tell me anything! You can email me at info@laurak24.sg-host.com, keewart@gmail.com or use our social networks to send me your feedback.

OK, I better get to work: I missed Pancake Tuesday earlier this week (long story!) so I think my first post will be a round up of my favourite Breakfast for Dinner ideas….stay tuned!


P.S. Just for clarity: Ceri and Laura aren’t completely disappearing. They’ll be posting their usual snippets of wisdom here and there and on all of SPC’s social networks over the next few weeks.

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  1. Heather A
    February 11, 21:43 Reply

    Karine Ewart and Sweet Potato Chronicles in one place – it’s too much! GREAT spot for you to be, and I can’t wait to Ceri and Laura’s new book. Looking forward to all your posts! XO

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