Our Story

Sweet Potato Chronicles – The Never-Ending Story of the Well-Fed Family, is a website dedicated to all things family food. We are also authors of the best-selling book How to Feed a Family; The Sweet Potato Chronicles Cookbook as well as Youtube personalities. But we weren’t always dreaming up healthy dinners that show up on your place mat in 30 minutes. Before all this family food hoopla we were editors at a fashion magazine. Yes, it was all glitzy cocktail parties and fashion show after, after parties but then we had our babies and everything changed.

With some of the most important mouths to feed, the notion of healthy and delicious food became our greatest passion. As journalists, it was a natural inclination to research and report back (initially just to each other!) on what kids should be eating for optimal health. Like all parents, we wanted meals to be healthy, wholesome and delicious. However, we realized very quickly that it was no easy task. A few light bulbs went off at once. The moment you clear up the mess from one meal, it seems you must start thinking of the next. Kids don’t always want the food we make them. There is no end in sight – this feeding a family thing is relentless! We needed to find a way to help us manage this madness or we were going to crack. In 2010, we created Sweet Potato Chronicles as a way to figure out this family food business as well as create an environment for parents like us who also wanted to find strategies for how to make it all happen, the latest nutrition information, read a great interview with a food personality or chef or check out the latest food finds or kitchen gadgets. Despite the challenges, our love of being in the kitchen blossomed. But we realized that it wasn’t just about a great recipe. Like ourselves, many families were finding it hard to manage schedules and still be able to find the time to prepare food that everyone wants to eat. As a result, we decided to further focus our lens on strategies. 
We believe in batch cooking, meal plans and super yield recipes, to name a few. It’s not sexy at all but they all work to satiate some very important needs all families struggle with—time, money and family harmony.

We’d love you to get your kids involved in the kitchen. We know you’re busy. We are too but if you can involve your kids, whether it be grocery shopping, helping contribute to a meal plan or whipping out those muffins for their morning snack, we promise the payoff will be there. Getting kids involved in cooking teaches them valuable life skills, increases the odds they’ll eat well and creates another way to spend time together. And, speaking of together, we’re all in this together so don’t worry. We don’t mind if you make a meal plan and then, by Tuesday, pick up a bucket of chicken and throw it on the table. We always tell ourselves that tomorrow is a new day and we want you to remember that too. Whether you’ve “got this” and just need recipe inspiration or you need strategies for dealing with a picky eater, we’re here for you. Well, we’re not in your kitchen, but you know what we mean. This is your hub for meals, strategies, news, interviews, laughter and even a cry. (We’ve been known to sob in a post or two.) Sweet Potato Chronicles hopes to give you the support and help you need to get into a routine of making and sharing family meals together that everyone (even those picky eaters) will enjoy. Eat healthy, live happy, stay sane.