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Contact Us

We’ve been lucky to work with amazing partners on a range of different projects. We’re spokespeople for Metro groceries, have collaborated many times with Kitchen Aid, have created contests and an event for GapKids and appeared in commercials with Almay Cosmetics. And those are just a few. The thing they all have in common is that they are brands and companies that we feel excited about and are a good fit for our values. We mostly work with food or family brands but because of our backgrounds, we’re also comfortable in the worlds of fashion and beauty.

Every project is different, so we don’t have a rate card. The list of things we do with partners is long: recipe development, sponsored blog posts, video production, media appearances, event appearances, recipe demos, social media and more.

If you’d like to work with us you can drop us a line at!

To order few boxes of our book, How to Feed a Family (The Sweet Potato Chronicles Cookbook): Janet Piper

Representative: Sundance Filardi  |  Speaker’s Spotlight

Book Agent: Chris Bucci  |  McDermid & Associates

Advertising opportunities: Leslie McCormick  |  SavvyMom Collective