Fish Week: What’s So Great About…Salmon

Fish Week: What’s So Great About…Salmon

Here’s our Heidi (aka SPC’s biggest chearleader) with another installment of What’s so great about…This week she discusses salmon. There’s always lots of news in the air about the benefits of our heart healthy friend, but Heidi sites some interesting studies…

If you read something about salmon and nutrition, odds are it’s about its qualities as a miracle heart saver. (For a healthy heart, eat Salmon!’ ) And it is true, eating salmon is good for your heart, it is a great source of lean protein, is rich in omega-3 fatty acid which plays a role in a healthy heart and may lower cholesterol. But what I find more interesting are the theories about how eating foods like salmon affect the brain. I spoke with Ali Chernoff, dietitian and author of Good Food Baby She tells me that “salmon is particularly good for children as it assists in brain development.” The brain is largely made-up of fat and in order for the brain to develop and function it needs fat – Omega-3 fats. Salmon is loaded with Omega-3s. Have a look at this unbelievable four minute video from the BBC, chronicling a study of British kids who’s diets went from having virtually no fish, to being given a fish oil supplement. The results are compelling to say the least.

Given the known correlation between brain development and Omega-3s, there are a plethora of studies looking at how eating a diet high in Omega 3s affects a person’s mood, memory and intelligence. For instance, a study out of Purdue University suggests children who’s diets with little Omega-3s have a higher rate of hyperactivity, behavioural issues and learning disorders. And, if you still aren’t convinced, here’s another fascinating tidbit for you (especially those of you with teenagers at home). A study published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition looked at youth diets and hostility. Those with diets high in oil rich fish like salmon were 18% less likely to exhibit hostility. These studies, I gather, are small, and require further investigation to prove conclusively the links that they are putting forward. Food for thought though…literally.

As for us? Well, I’m of the opinion that it is never too late. Well, it may be too late for brain development, but it can’t hurt on brain maintenance. And we know for sure that eating salmon is good for our hearts. If it helps keep the brain well oiled – what a bonus!


In order to preserve the nutritional value of salmon, bake, broil or poach it. Chernoff recommends two to three servings of fish rich in Omega 3s, a week.

If you are vegetarian or vegan include omega-3 rich walnuts and flax seed in your regular diet.

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  1. Terra
    November 11, 15:20 Reply

    This is a great post. Informative and important. Thanks!

  2. Heidi Pyper
    November 11, 18:47 Reply

    Thanks Terra! Glad you liked it. That video did it for me.

  3. yee ling wong
    November 11, 20:53 Reply

    in addition to all the health benefits… salmon
    just taste so yummy… keep up the good work laura.

  4. Terra
    November 13, 18:01 Reply

    Me too Heidi. I went out and bought Omega 3s for the whole family. Good thing because we’ve just discovered the wonders of television to distract a cranky almost 3 year old…

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