Sponsored Post: Avocado Hummus and How to Keep it Fresh with Glad!

Sponsored Post: Avocado Hummus and How to Keep it Fresh with Glad!

We used to have a joke at my house. Every Saturday before we headed out for the grocery store, Ben would open the fridge and say, “Time to throw out the groceries!” Sadly, it was true. We’d have to pitch out the decaying bit of fruits and vegetables that hadn’t been consumed in time in order to make room for the new batch of fruits and vegetables. That wouldn’t get eaten. And then thrown away. Really not so funny. With the cost of groceries being what they are, we had to do something. And so do you! According to StatsCan, the average Canadian household wastes 13% of all food purchased. It’s a lot of money.

These days I go out of my way to waste as little food as possible and there a few easy ways to do it.

First of all I meal plan. When you know what you’ll be cooking and eating all week, you make better, less wasteful choices at the grocery store. I don’t plan every single thing we consume but I know most dinners and I know what I need for school lunches. I make sure that we eat produce-heavy meals at the beginning of the week and lean on my pantry by the end. And I batch cook on the weekends so that I’m using lots of food almost as soon as it gets home.

I’ve learned how to store different foods to make them last longer. I have several freezer-safe containers that I get those batch-cooked meals into. I like the large Freezer Ware containers from Glad for putting pots of chili or meat sauce in the freezer for later in the week. And once I’ve cut into, but not finished, a tomato or a brick of cheese, I like to wrap it snugly in they’re Press ‘n Seal. Everything lasts far longer when they’re in air-tight wrapping.

The last thing I’ve gotten into the habit of is using my freezer more. When bananas start to look too brown, veggies are starting to wilt, I’ll toss them in a Glad Freezer Bags. Those brown bananas will make amazing smoothies and the slightly wilted veggies can be used in a stock – all when I’m ready to use them.


Avocados can be one of the most vexing ingredients. The window of opportunity to eat a perfectly ripe avocado is maddeningly slim. So it’s all the more annoying when you only need half of one, put the other half in the fridge only to come back to a black yucky thing no one will touch. Wrap that baby us properly, keep and it will last days longer. But in this recipe, it doesn’t matter. You’re going to use 2 whole avocados to make the creamiest, most delicious hummus you’ve ever had. It makes a lot! About 3 cups of hummus. But that’s okay – you know how to store it to make it last.


Sponsored Post: Avocado Hummus and How to Keep it Fresh with Glad!


  • 1 x 15 oz. can chickpeas
  • 2 ripe avocados
  • 3 Tbsp olive oil
  • 1 1/2 Tbsp tahini
  • 3 Tbsp fresh lime juice
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • 1/8 tsp cumin
  • salt and pepper to taste


In a food processor, pulse chickpeas, olive oil, tahiini, lime juice and garlic until they become smooth, at least 2 minutes.

Cut open the avocados, scoop out the flesh and pop it in the food processor.

Give it another good mix for a minute until your hummus changes from beige to pale green.

Add the spices and taste to check for seasoning.

Use a spatula to get every bit of your hummus out of the food processor and into an airtight container.



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    Must try this, definitely. Avocados are really tricky – to find the right time when it is ripe and not too ripe yet. I try to transform Food which is leftover into other meals. There are so many products which can be frozen without Problems and next time it feels good to take just something out of the freezer and warm it up when there is Little time to cook.

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