An Interview with the Stars of Almay’s New Pure Beauty Campaign

An Interview with the Stars of Almay’s New Pure Beauty Campaign

We can’t believe our good fortune to share this news but Ceri and I are part of Almay’s new Pure Beauty Campaign airing now. Did you just read what I wrote? WE. ARE. IN. AN. ALMAY. AD. Do you want to know the best part about this exciting project? Our daughter’s are in it as well! Actually, they’re not just in it, they’re basically the stars since they have the only speaking parts. You can go ahead and read the rest of this post, we’ll just be over here pinching ourselves.

Featuring Esme and Scarlett talking candidly about their moms, the new ads speak to moms like ourselves who juggle everything plus the kitchen sink in the morning. I know we’re not the only parents who find themselves half-dressed, unfinished coffee somewhere in the house making sure everyone else is groomed, organized and fed. But, if you think about it, there are all kinds of little things that can help make a mother’s day easier whether it be an quick recipe that puts a healthy breakfast into tiny bellies, the school bus being just that teensy bit later than you or beauty products that help us look our best with minimal effort. And like the food choices we make for our families, you also want to know that you can feel good about what you’re using on your skin. Although, we think the most brilliant choice was made by Almay when they picked these two cute, little beans to be part of their beautiful commercials.

If you haven’t seen the ladies in action, you can watch both girls here on Almay’s Facebook page.

We were able to catch up with the campaign’s stars between homework and dinner. Here’s what they had to say about snagging the always coveted cosmetic contract:


SPC: Girls, congratulations on the new campaign. Were you excited to be in a commercial?

Esme: “Yes, very excited. It was awesome!”
Scarlett: “Yes, because it’s not something all my friends do.”

SPC: You shot during a humongous snow storm in February. What is more fun sledding or getting your hair and makeup done?

Scarlett: “I really like them both. Ok, hair and makeup, especially by Jacquie because she gave me free lipgloss.” (Jacquie Hutchinson is Almay’s National Product Trainer and Makeup artist)
Esme: “Hair and makeup!”


Photos clockwise from top left: Esme enjoying her “oh, I’m hungry at 10 so can I get a little snack.” A full stack of pancakes with berries in a snap. The kid has been ruined; Jacqui Hutchinson doing Scarlett’s makeup. (Scarlett wears Almay Color + Care Liquid Lip Balm in “Blooming Balm.”); Having fun on set with the always hysterical stylist Jaqueline. (I’m wearing Almay Smart Shade Butter Kiss in “Berry.”); Scarlett’s goal for the day…”Action!”

SPC: What did you guys eat for lunch on set?

Scarlett: “They had a huge buffet for lunch. I think I ate everything but the pasta salad.”
Esme: “I could have had whatever I wanted.”

SPC: What was the best part about the shoot day?

Esme: “Craft service! And being on set.”
Scarlett: “Um, when I said I was hungry, I got food right away. Oh, and when I got to say action with the little snappy thing.”

SPC: What was the worst part about the shoot day?

Scarlett: “Leaving behind all the candy on-set.”
Esme: “Nothing.”

SPC: What was it like working with your mother?

Esme: “Awesome.”
Scarlett: “I do it all the time on the blog and it’s always fun.”

SPC: What makeup item are you so excited to wear when you grow up? Any?

Esme: “Lipstick.”
Scarlett: “I can’t wait to wear eyeshadow.”

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