Sponsored Post: Do You Know Where Your Beauty Is? Plus, A Special Offer for SPC Readers

Sponsored Post: Do You Know Where Your Beauty Is? Plus, A Special Offer for SPC Readers

We’ve talked recently about how I’m a beauty girl at heart. When I decided I wanted to be a journalist, I thought for sure I wanted to report on fashion until I interned at a beauty trade publication in New York. I initially wondered how excited it could be talking about makeup and fragrance all day, but then a whole world was unlocked for me.

I learned about perfumers and interviewed (and forged friendships with) these silent geniuses who can imagine essence combinations in their minds and instantly understand what kind of scent their marriage will create. Or the colour specialist at a cosmetic company who, with their naked eye, can see and understand the slightest colour variant between shades that are only a few degrees away from each other. The characters behind these seemingly simple products embodied so much talent that I became more and more fascinated by them. It was all I could do to learn more.

This learning curve only challenged me to understand myself: What my skin tone meant for my aging, how my pheromones affect my fragrance decision and what my hair texture makes possible (or impossible) for my styling wish list.

I also learned to take more risks. While colouring my dark brown hair to blonde (I had a moment when I considered it—if Jennifer Aniston can, why couldn’t I?) was further than I was willing to go with my beauty adventures, I did allow myself the caramel and honey highlights circa Jennifer Lopez 2002.

How far are you willing to go when deciding on a fresh new look or the best way to banish greys in your lovely mane?  Would you go full bore and try a dramatic, full-coverage permanent shade from Clairol’s new Natural Instincts Vibrant line, or play it a little safer with Natural Instinct’s demi-permanent products for gently blended, natural tone-boosting 50% grey coverage that lasts up to 28 shampoos?  If you want to play it safe, remember you can always get dangerous with the new neon eye shadow trend this season.

I know you didn’t solicit my advice (unlike my friends… you know who you are!) but let me give you some anyway. Go to Clairol’s Facebook page, “like” it, and then check back on May 13-15 (2011) for your chance to snag a full-value coupon for the Natural Instincts hair colour product that is right for you. They’re giving away 25,000 every day, so tell your friends too.

While supplies last, up to 25,000 boxes per day. Limit one per household or name.  Applicable to all Canadian residents, excluding residents of Quebec. Must be 18 years and older.

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